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This month's topic: Teaching Yoga with Mudra, Mantra and the Chakras


As Yoga teachers, we often focus on improving our skills at cueing and teaching the asanas. These skills are very important, but teaching the physical poses are just one aspect of Yoga. I'm sure you have noticed the way that yoga has an effect on your energy, so how can we tap more into this aspect of the Yoga practice? In this mentoring circle we will explore how to go beyond the poses and incorporate using Mudra, mantra and chakras in your classes.


In this circle we will be discussing

* What are Mudra, Mantra & the Chakras?
* A brief overview of aspects of the 7 main chakras
* Mudras and Mantras for balancing each Chakra
* Incorporating these into your Yoga teaching


If you would like to improve your knowledge and skills in this area then join us. Learn, grow, share and connect with other LV Chair Yoga Teachers in a safe, inclusive space.

MMC4 - Teaching Mudra, Mantras & Chakras

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