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Who does LV Chair Yoga?

LV Chair Yoga is perfect for anyone and everyone! Especially those who would like to exercise or do yoga but have difficulty getting down on the floor because of whatever reason.

Perhaps you are experiencing age, weight, balance, mobility or flexibility challenges. Or you have experienced injuries or pain standing for long periods of time. Or are living with disability, stroke, cancer, osteoporosis, scoliosis, arthritis, multiple sclerosis or diabetes. 

It's also fantastic for those who sit for long periods of time. For example you may work in an office, travel often or attend school. Pretty much, if you sit on any chair, anywhere - you can practice LV Chair Yoga! 

How does it work?

All of the traditional yoga poses are adapted to the chair with levels of flexibility. This means there is no getting up and down from the floor and that no matter who you are or where you are at in terms of fitness, flexibility, mobility or ability - you will ALWAYS be able to participate in a class or session your own unique way!  

What are the benefits?

The benefits you will receive from LV Chair Yoga are immense! Not only will you gain better flexibiility, mobility, balance, strength and posture BUT we offer so much more. We focus on breathing techniques, relaxation/meditation and cover many other interesting and beneficial topics in our chair classes such as acupressure movements, reflexology, do in chinese self massage, weighted chair yoga and many more. These 'extras' combined with the levels of flexibility in the chairasanas are really what makes LV Chair Yoga special and beneficial for everyBODY. See what some LVCY students have to say about their experiences here.

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