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This month's topic: Writing a Business Plan for your Yoga Teaching Biz


Whether you are self employed, contracting, employed or working in another way - as a Yoga Teacher you are your own brand and business. Having a realistic business plan is of vital importance whether you are just starting out or you have been established for a number of years. The Business Plan becomes the formal statement of your business goals, your strategy for achieving them and can save you time, money and a whole lot of overwhelm!


This month we are joined by Sara from Flowithme who is a business and life coach, as well as a very successful Chair Yoga Teacher over in Ireland. She will be helping us to learn how to complete our own business plan and set goals to help us stay focused and progress with our Yoga teacher adventures.


If you would like to improve your knowledge and skills in this area then join us. Learn, grow, share and connect with other LV Chair Yoga Teachers in a safe, inclusive space.

MMC3 - Writing a Business Plan

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