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This month's topic: Creating and Teaching Flows


We know all the yoga poses right? We know how to adapt them to the chair and teach them on their own. But how can we sequence our classes so that they flow more smoothly and add a little creative flair to our sessions?


Well, I LOVE to flow in my classes and in this mentoring circle we will answer that question!


We will explore:
• What is class sequencing?
• What makes a great sequence?
• How to make your classes flow & the number 1 thing to practice that will help you to flow smoothly in your classes
• Creatively constructing classes
• Examples of flows
• Question time


If you would like to improve your knowledge and skills in this area then join us. Learn, grow, share and connect with other LV Chair Yoga Teachers in a safe, inclusive space.

MMCircle19 - Creating and Teaching Flows

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