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This month's topic: Building Your Online Presence


Whether you've been teaching for a long time or are just starting out, the online world and social media are now, more than ever part of our daily lives, and part of teaching Yoga. Navigating this world can be confusing and time consuming.


For this mentoring circle I will be joined by Social Media Manager and Virtual Assistant Sheryll Shaikh who is an expert in this field. Together we will share and discuss these topics to help you to build your online presence!


We will be chatting about:
* How to create, build or maintain your online brand & presence
* How to use social media channels effectively to save time, help you be more discoverable, connect with your target audience and build your community
* Helpful apps and other social media management strategies that worked for us
* Any questions that you need answered!


If you would like to improve your knowledge and skills in this area then join us. Learn, grow, share and connect with other LV Chair Yoga Teachers in a safe, inclusive space.

MMC1 - Building Your Online Presence

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